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Visa is required to enter/travel to Bhutan. Bhutan Sky Trails will process your visa and other required permits. Once we received your Sustainable Development Fee for your stay in Bhutan, we Bhutan Sky Trails will apply for your Bhutan visa.

Document required for applying for your visa

 1. A passport copy is required. The passport must be valid for six months from the intended date of departure from the Kingdom; 

2. Travel insurance valid for the duration of the trip; and

3. A recent passport-size photograph.

How much is the visa fee?

The visa fee is USD $40 per person and it is non-refundable.

What are the documents required to process the permit (for Indian guests)? 

Visitors from India can use a passport or voter ID card. Children under 18 years of age can use a birth certificate or passport and must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Passport size photograph is also required.

Travel insurance is required and should be valid for the whole duration of the trip.

What is the Sustainable Development Fee (SDF)? 

From our reopening on September 23, visitors to Bhutan will make an active contribution to Bhutan’s economic, social and cultural development. The Sustainable Development Fee enables investment in transformative programmes that preserve our cultural traditions, protect our heritage and environment, upgrade infrastructure, create opportunities for our young people, and build resilience.

How much is the SDF and where do the funds go?

Guests from India are levied SDF of Nu. 1,200 or equivalent amount in INR per person per night, which will remain in effect for two years, following which time it may be reviewed and revised in keeping with the principle of the preferential rate after two years.

Visitors from all other countries are levied SDF of USD 200 per person, per night.

There will be a concessionary levy of 50% on the SDF for children between the ages of 6-12 years and exemptions of SDF for children aged 5 years and below.

The SDF funds go to the national exchequer and are allocated to various projects that enhance facilities, services, and infrastructure for nationals and guests who visit Bhutan, as well as funding free healthcare and education.

Will day visitors be levied SDF?

The SDF will be waived for visitors to the Bhutanese towns bordering India, until the first designated point identified by the Government. The SDF will be levied on visitors spending the night within border towns.


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Covid-19 Protocols

Q&A for Bhutan Visit

Is there a vaccination requirement to visit Bhutan? 

Although we recommend all visitors to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to help stop the spread of the disease, there are now no COVID-19 vaccination requirements for adults or children to enter Bhutan from September 23, 2022.

However, all individuals (12 years and above) entering Bhutan may be subjected to random RT-PCR testing at the formal points of entry or at the worksite to maintain COVID-19 surveillance for new variants. No fee shall be charged for the RT-PCR testing for surveillance.

Can unvaccinated guests enter Bhutan? If so, what is the procedure? 

Yes, unvaccinated guests can enter Bhutan and there will be no quarantine period. 

If someone gets COVID-19 while travelling in Bhutan, what happens?

If a guest tests positive for COVID-19 during their stay in Bhutan, they will be required to quarantine in their hotel until they test negative. The cost for the additional quarantine nights and PCR tests will be borne by the guest. The SDF will be waived during the quarantine period. 

 Will there be any COVID-19 protocols for leaving Bhutan?

There will be no COVID-19 protocols to leave Bhutan, unless they will be required by the country the guest is travelling to.