“Golden Harvest -Paro”
2,280 meter’s / 7,524 ft

Paro is a perfect entry point to this land— the land of fairytales, willow trees, and the land of many roads. The contrasting bright green of the rice terraces in summer, and the brilliant white of the Dzong and the temples give the valley a fresh and pleasant atmosphere.

“Nomadic Women – Laya”
3,820 meter’s / 12,606 ft

It is amazing how a small pocket of ethnic groups survived for so long in the northern part of the country. Anyone on the Snow Leopard trek or the grand Snowman Trek will converge through Laya. To experience the maximum cultural richness, time your trip during their Owlay festival. This festival only takes place once in three years.

“Trekking Group – Laya Gasa”
4,350 meter’s / 14,355 ft

Laya-Gasa Trek is one of the most exotic treks in Bhutan. The trek runs along the Tibetan border and offers amazing views of some of the most pristine and untouched landscapes in Bhutan. The trek begins at Drukgyel in Paro and takes you through serene alpine meadows and high mountain passes with magnificent views of Mount Jomolhari, Jichu Drake, and Tsherimgang.

“Himalayan Blue Sheep – Laya Gasa”
4,785 meter’s / 15,695 ft

The Bharal or Himalayan Blue Sheep or naur (Pseudois nayaur) is a caprid found in the high belt of Himalayan. Its native names include Bharal, Barhal, Bharar, and Bharut in Hindi, na or sna in Ladakh, Nabo in Spitian, Naur in Nepali, and Na or Gnao in Bhutan.

“Thimphu Tsechu”

The country’s biggest festival – Thimphu Tesshu. This festival is held in the capital city for three days. The Tshechu is witnessed by thousands of people, both local and tourists. The actual Tshechu is preceded by days and nights of prayer and rituals to invoke the gods. Mask dances like the Guru Tshengye (Eight Manifestations of Guru Rinpoche), Shaw Shachi (Dance of the Stags), and many more are performed.

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This tiny Himalayan country is known for its beautiful biodiversity. It is nothing short of a modern fairy tale setting. You can enjoy the clear blue sky, bright sunny days, green lush valleys, and majestic mountains. A country that is peaceful and happy is known for measuring the people’s happiness and the wealth of the nation.

Bhutan’s ecology serves as home to different species of mammals, birds, and plants. They are exotic in nature. The diversity of flora and fauna will take away your breath.

The people of Bhutan are very peaceful, religious and they live in great harmony with nature. Several mountains, rivers, and trees are considered holy so, we respect and love our environment.

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