National Symbols of Bhutan

National Flag

The Bhutanese flag is one of the most recognizable national flags in the world. It is a great symbol of Bhutan’s Buddhist heritage and its cultural heritage as well as its royal past. The white color of the dragon represents purity, while yellow symbolizes Kings of Bhutan and orange stands for Buddhist tradition. The jewelry held by dragon represents wealth and security of Bhutan. In general, it represents our nationalism as well as rebellion and everything else in between.”


People of Bhutan love the national sport, Archery. It is their national sport and also it is the most popular sport in Bhutan. The bow and arrow play an important role in many of Bhutan’s myths and legends. This sport is played during religious and secular holidays in the country.


The Bhutan national bird is the raven (Corvus Corax Tibetanus) and it adorns the royal crown. The raven represents a deity Gonpo Jarodongchen (raven headed Mahakala), which took the form of a raven to guide and unify the country. It looks quite similar to a crow but the raven is much larger.


The Takin is a unique animal species native to Bhutan and a national symbol of the country. It is a muscular animal with strongly developed fur that resembles the cow and goat in form. The Takin was initially considered by Bhutanese people as one of their national symbols due to its own unique features and distinct characteristics


The Himalayan cypress is the national tree of Bhutan. Its ability to survive on rugged terrain represents bravery and simplicity — values that are deeply rooted in the Bhutanese culture. This one is a great fit for low-maintenance landscapes where size matters, as this tree can grow up to 50 feet tall with a massive canopy that blocks out sun during summer months. It does well in most regions, as long as its root zone isn’t overly saturated.