Being one of the most isolated Dzongkhag in eastern Bhutan is the ancestral home of the Wangchuck Dynasty. Lhuntse Dzongkhag is known for several pilgrimage sites of Guru Rinpoche.

Lhuntse Dzong
Was built in 1654 and it houses monk body and Dzongkhag administration. The Dzong is built on a spur, overlooking Kuri Chhu.

Khoma village
The Khoma village is famed for its weavers of special textile. It is a beautiful village to visit and witness the weaving tradition and farm life.

Guru Nangsey Zilnon statue
A Bronze statue of Guru Rinpoche measuring 154 feet sitting on a lotus is located at Takila above Tagmachu village in Lhuntse. Guru Nangsay Zilnon statue was put up to ensure peace and prosperity in the world. Now it has become a very important pilgrimage site for visitors.