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Also known as “the hidden land of rice valley”, was the ancient center of trade with Yatung in the Chumbi valley in Tibet. The new Dzong was built in 1951 near the older one which was destroyed by fire. The valley of Haa has been the stronghold of the Dorji family to which Her Majesty the Royal Grandmother belongs. Haa valley was opened to foreign tourism in the year 2002.


Lhakhang Karpo

The temple of the white bird believed to be built in 7thcentury is located in Dumchoe village, south of Haa town. It is the main seat of Ap Chundu, the guardian deity of Haa. The annual Tshechu (festival) of Haa is held here.

Lhakhang Nagpo

The temple of the blackbird believed to be built in 7thcentury is distinctive with its grayish black wall located just above Lhakhang Karpo (the temple of white bird).

Chundu Lhakhang

It houses the statue of Haa valley’s protecting deity—Ap Chundu with a blue face and his cousin Jowya with a red face.

Tagchu Goenpa

The monastery is named as Tag – tiger, chu – water that erupts from rock further above the monastery, rock that is said to resemble a tiger. It was founded by Dali Lam Sangay Jamtsho in the early 20thcentury.