Customize Tour

Customize Tour

Our customized tour program provides our valued visitors to explore and experience the beauty of the country. The age-old traditions, visit the historic site and lifestyle of people by connecting one to another tour programs.



Our photography tour provides a wide range of photographic experiences of impressive architecture, scenic landscape, flora and fauna, lush green valleys, and colourful traditional dresses worn by the people. Bhutan is a paradise for photographers.



Vibrant fabrics are an inseparable part of Bhutan’s rich culture that has evolved over the centuries. Weaving is an ancient skill identified with women in Bhutan and their designs express not just their creative talent but also their personal aesthetics. Thus all forms celebrate colour and pattern in their most vivid expensive form. Bhutanese textiles are well-known for their distinctive design and being appreciated by users, textile specialists, and collectors.


Flora and Fauna

With the conservation policies of Bhutan being one of the smallest countries in the world, it has one of the richest biodiversity havens for nature lovers. There is a wide range of plants, medicinal plants, Rhododendron, and orchids. The best time to see the flora of the country is from mid-spring to summer. About 770 species of birds including winter migrant birds in Bhutan, can cater to all your birding interests.


Mountain Biking

Bhutan’s mountainous terrain lends itself well to both on-road or off-road mountain biking. One can enjoy the beauty of the country on the wheel passing by small villages and towns and natural scenery. The traffic is relatively very light. Some of the routes are battling and challenging that goes over 3300 meters